Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Fun Day

We had a great Fathers' Day. With the family away, we took my grandmother out to Shoney's for Dave's FD dinner. They boys ate for free and drank water so no expense there. Grandma drank water so no drink cost, by her choice FYI. I splurged and had a coke and DH had tea as always. We had a $1 off each adult buffet cost coupon. So dinner was reasonably priced.

We came home and the boys played and cleaned up and now I am doing my normal Sunday night routine:

*Enter coke reward to my account and my mom's account (I get more tops collected than she does and I usually get some of the free products she gets)

*Run Laundry- I rarely do laundry during the week so Sunday is the day to catch up

*Watch Swagbucks TV while I clean (earn points and have a clean house... score!)

*Play a couple rounds of Spider Solitaire on Swagbucks

*Fold laundry while watching Drop Dead Diva on the DVR, right now I am finishing my favorite movie "The Blindside"

*Finish cleaning the bottom floor.

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