Monday, June 16, 2014

Easy Money- Scrap Metal

I wish that I had taken a picture of it but...

Today we took all of our cans to the scrap metal place. 29 pounds of cans and then my grandmother gave us scrap metal that we took as well. This is not a get rich quick thing but we did make $33.68. That of course went to our surprise for K.

While there I talked to the man about maximizing the amount we could be making. I told him that we both work and DH works two full time jobs so it is just to have as fun money, but we have a lot that we want and very little spare money to play with. Items that my scrap guy said to save:

*Soda/beer cans
*Cans that veggies come in
*Aluminum foil
*Car parts

Obviously, I am not going to become a hoarder and start collecting absolutely everything in sight, but if I can hold on to these items and make a few extra bucks each quarter, why not?

Game plan:
1. Set up 3 containers as all items. I chose 3 because soda cans, tin cans and aluminum foil will be what I have 99.9% of the time.
2. Designate a spot for each
3. Start collecting. I will be asking friends and family to save their cans for me or ask if I can take their recycling for them. Many people are busy and do not have time to take off their recycling and are not willing to pay for recycling collection service. Why not start taking recycling for friends and family that live close by.
4. Put a small container with a lid in the trunk of my vehicle. All too often we see litter bugs throw their soda cans in parks and parking lots. Why not pick up and make a few cents in the process. This will also have a ziplock baggie in it to hold found coke caps.

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