Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shew the "joys" of Raising Boys?

What a busy weeks it's been already with the three little monkeys. It started with Sunday when my dad brought over the pallet furniture he made for my fire pit. I put the two little guys to bed, locked the front door and came around back to help unload the stuff. No more than five minutes was I back there and E and C were out of the house with Scooter, our dog, following them. Scared me so bad I cried for around two hours.

We implemented a new discipline for them. First time warning, second time sit right where you are, third time you sit a long time. This appears to be working well.

Then there is the issue where C (2 year old) wants to take diaper off and run amuck in his room peeing and pooping in the floor but truly has no interest in potty training. I swear I will never have enough sheets to last a week with these boys. I also swear I will never get the urine smell completely out of that room no matter what I do. I am probably going to end up hiring a professional cleaning service. Yay for cash out of savings...not! Maybe I can find a groupon.

Then there is the smart mouthing that K is going through. He is too smart for his own good. He called me a "d-bag" tonight. Not sure where he heard that and he certainly don't know what it means but dang.

But on a higher note my furniture turned out amazing!(I'll post pics later it's not letting me post)

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