Monday, June 16, 2014

My Coke Rewards

I am forever trying to find ways to live like someone with money on a frugal mama budget. One of those things is soda. I love soda... yes, I know that it is not good for you but I love it! The thing is that those little boogers are expensive. Good news, they don't have to be! With the My Coke Rewards program you can enter codes from the lids of 20oz bottles or codes from cases of coke and earn points that can be redeemed for coupons for free 12-packs or what I have decided to start getting $3 off a 12-pack coupon, because they are less points equaling more coupons and pair them with a good deal it might still be free or less than a dollar.

Ways to get as many points as me:
* Find a storage container and designate it to coke points.
* Ask friends and family to save their lids for you
* I am not above collecting lids that are left on bottles laying out in a public place and redeeming those points. If they aren't going to be used that is just plain wasteful anyway.

I also save the cans and tabs from my 12-packs. The cans go to the recycling center to be redeemed for cash and the tabs are stored in a special container and will go to Ronald McDonald House when the container is full.

We are really hitting the My Coke Rewards hard right now. We are going to be supplying the beach trip drinks by redeeming as many free coupons as we can.

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