Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shh... It's a Suprise Week 2

Getting so excited as we get closer to the trip. My best friend and her husband and kids are going with us! So we opted for a bigger condo! The best part is it is going to be cheaper because we found a nice condo for the same price as the first so we are going to split the cost 40/60. Their budget isn't as big as ours so we are covering $150 of their lodging cost. So here is the update for the week...
Our Grand Total is $458.45 so far. We have a few things coming up that will benefit our "Vacay" fund! We also will be saving on groceries because we have 3 coke reward coupons coming in the mail for free 12-packs.
*We will be scraping metal
*Next month a yard sale
*Selling things online
*DH is going to sell plasma twice a week until we go so he says. We did this last summer to make it through the summer because DH was on a 180 day work contract. It'll be better this summer now that he is on a 220 day contract. We learned I can't do it because I faint due to low blood sugar.
*DH asked his mom for a gas gift card for his father's day present. She said that she will try to help.
*DH asked his dad and bonus mom for a gas gift card or restaurant gift card for his father's day present.
*A big thing that is the best bonus of all for us is that we have switch from regular cigarettes to e-cigs. We will have a lot more money this way. A bottle of liquid will last us one month each. Bottles of liquid are $9.99 at our local store. Trying to find cheaper online for next month. So essentially, it will cost us $20 a month where we have been spending $61 a week. So that is more money to put back. Not to mention much healthier.
*Hoping to have enough swagbucks for a $50 gas card.

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