Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekly Weight Loss Update: Week 4

One month ago I set out on a weight loss journey. I made a bet with coworkers and we are all fighting for the prize. I will even be honest about my weight loss here (BUT NOONE I REPEAT NOONE IS TO TELL DAVE...TO HIM I WEIGHT 105 LOL or at least that's what I keep telling him). I started out at 179. My weigh-in this morning 165! Woot! It is not where I need to be. The ideal weight for a person of my height and build is below 120. I am barely over 5 feet. But this is a big accomplishment for me. 

When I was pregnant with Kaden (my 6 year old) and his twin (who was a late miscarriage), I gained 110 pounds. I was 225 when I delivered. I got down to 190 and there came Eythan. After Eythan, I got back down to 190 and boom there's Carson. I have since then been working my booty off to lose the weight. However, I must not have been doing it right. For 2 years I have been stuck at 180. Not anymore, I am going to lose this weight if it kills me and it very well may...Fat kid loves to eat!

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