Monday, May 26, 2014

Shh It's a Surprise: Part 1

This sweet little guy will be six in August. We are planning a surprise beach trip/birthday party/ visit to daddy's parents for him. This is very unlike us because it is spur of the moment.

My in-loves (I call them in-loves instead of in-laws because in-loves means I chose them, in-laws feels like saying I am legally bound to them) live in a beach town. They are 800 miles away. It has been a year since the boys have seen their grandma and DH has seen his mom. It has been almost 5 years since DH's mom has came to one of the kids bday parties and DH's dad has never been able to come. We will be throwing two parties to keep DH's long time divoriced parents seperated. Since we are short in planning this we are going to have to be creative in saving money!

Here is the plan so far:

* Any tips/OT/holiday pay goes to the trip
* All coin change and left over dollar bills goes to the trip
* Tax Return to the trip
* Cut any and all extra spending 
* No eating out unless it's a very good deal.
* Try to earn as many swagbucks and mypoints as possible to use for gas cards. Matter of fact I may go test drive some cars to get gas cards. Well when that deal is applicable
* We are selling some large items and bulks of kids clothes on online yard sales. 
* We are having a yard sale and may let the boys have a "lemonade stand" as the two little guys know the secret (Thank God they don't talk well enough to blab!) 
* We are scrapping metal. My grandmother and my mom are helping collect cans and my grandmother has given us quite a large amount of heavy metal to scrap.
* We are searching for coins in parking lots when we are out.
* We are planning our events this far out so we can request coupons.
* I am making his cake.
* We are shopping for the higher prices groceries here and are going to take them with us. They jump grocery prices way up in tourist towns.

I will keep you updated on our progress. As of this very second we have $15 in coins. Our goal is $2000 but the min we need is $1500.

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